Perfume Pearls

Let us encapsulate your fine fragrances into alginate-based perfume pearls. Microcaps’ patented technology allows the creation of liquid oil core microcapsules with a natural alginate shell. Your signature fragrance oils make up the core of the perfume pearls that are suspended in a water matrix, creating a unique, mesmerizing look in the flask together with an uncompromising, ethanol-free fine fragrance experience.
Water-based Perfume Flask
Microcaps’ ethanol-free perfume pearls revolutionize the perfume market. Our patented technology upgrades your favorite fine fragrance into a water-based perfume safe for skin, hair and textiles with uncompromising performance on application. The mesmerizing, unique appearance of our capsules assure all eyes will be on your flask on the shelf.

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How we work

Get your ethanol-free, microencapsulated fine fragrance product in three simple steps

encapsulation of your Fine fragrance

We encapsulate your fine fragrance oil with our patented microfluidic technology into alginate-based capsules. The result of this process is an ethanol-free, water-based perfume that feels refreshing on skin, is non-sticky and has a mesmerizing, luxurious appearance.

Finalization: Water-based fine fragrance perfection

Our formulation experts finalize your individual perfume pearls together with you. We conduct thorough stability and performance tests, collect essential data, and refine your unique perfume product until it reaches perfection. The outcome is a fully developed and market-ready perfume pearls product that is ready to captivate your customers.

Commercial production

Microcaps produces your finished ethanol-free fine fragrance product in its highly scalable production facility in Switzerland to make sure it meets the highest demands in terms of quality. We then ship you your individual perfume pearls in a preservative solution to your filling facilities.