Value Adding

Microcaps provides a novel solution to naturally encapsulate ingredients and fragrances to protect them and enhance them with a unique visual and sensory experience. This unlocks more shelf attention and higher revenue for your cosmetics products.
Water-based Perfume Flask
The unique appearance and texture of our patented microencapsulation technology enhances the value of your cosmetic products while safeguarding the valuable active ingredients. Additionally, our natural encapsulation formulation help you to make swift progress towards sustainability-driven product claims and to generate higher product revenue.

Explore our product applications

Skin Serum

Cosmetics Capsule Skin Serum

Aesthetics meets performance

Our capsule-based skin serum protects sensitive ingredients, shines with a luxurious appearance and is based on an uncompromising natural formulation.

Fine Fragrances

Water-based Perfume Flask

redefine standards for perfumes

Revolutionary capsule-based perfumes give an unprecedented visual appearance and are soothing for hair and skin without the use of ethanol.

Ingestible Beauty Serum

Ingestible Beauty Serum

Beauty from the inside and outside

The first capsule-based edible serum that enhances skin’s glow both topically and from within.

Natural Formulation

Our alginate-based formula unlocks sustainability claims for your products. Upgrade your product formulation to the needs of today’s customers.

Preserving your active ingredients

Encapsulate precious actives to protect them from UV, oxidation and degradation

added value

Encapsulation of cosmetics products enhances their value and improves sales performance.



Active Anti-aging Ingredients

Essential oils

Essential oils

Natural Extracts

Hyaluronic Acid