Microcaps Technology
We are redefining the
state-of-the-art microencapsulation

Microcaps offers encapsulation solutions utilizing microfluidic technology originally developed at ETH Zurich. Our technology is highly scalable and enables a 1000-fold increase in controlled microencapsulation production compared to conventional processes. This increase in production is made possible by our unique step emulsification device, which allows for accurate, reliable, and consistent encapsulation. Overall, Microcaps' microfluidic technology offers a versatile and scalable encapsulation solution that is backed by 11 patents and applicable in many different industries such as cosmetics, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.


Versatile Microfluidic Technology

Microcaps harnesses microfluidics technology to create microcapsules or microbeads of defined sizes, ranging from a few micrometers to several millimieters. Our cutting-edge microfludics system surpasses traditional techniques offering higher throughput rates without quality loss. The encapsulation process results in highly uniform beads, produced in a stress-free environment.

Innovative Equipment

The EOS-series plants were designed to upscale microfluidic technology towards industrial volumes. The full scalability of the process allows a seamless transition from an R&D-suitable tabletop version to an industrial plant with an output of 100 kg per day. As a fully integrated system with a high degree of automation, the EOS provides centralized regulation and control of the entire encapsulation process for maximum reliability and quality.

Novel formulation

Our patented technology platform provides an extensive range of formulation and encapsulation methods. In addition to various capsule types, there is a large flexibility in ingredient selection. Our knowledgeable team provides comprehensive support throughout the product life cycle, from initial product development to production and beyond, including ongoing product improvement.


Core-Shell structure
Oil-based actives in aqueous phase
Adjustable burst release

OlioCaps are micrometer-sized capsules with a liquid oil core surrounded by a solid calcium alginate hydrogel shell. The system is suitable for the encapsulation of hydrophobic active ingredients. This encapsulation system can be used in the cosmetic, food, nutraceutical and probiotic sector.

Capsule properties:

  • Alginate shell with oil core, with capsule sizes of 300μm – 3000μm in hydrated state
  • Encapsulation of oil-based actives suspended in aqueous phase

Capsule performance:

  • Adjust burst profile by altering shell strength & thickness
  • Adjust per-bead payload by adjusting core:shell ratio

Capsule applications:

  • Unique visual and textural properties
  • Visual features and effects adjustable with shell
  • Fragrance delivery system
  • Triggered burst


Matrix structure
Oil-or water-based actives
Adjustable melting profile

Thermocaps are solid micrometer-sized capsules for the incorporation of oil- or water-soluble actives or powders inside. The matrix can consist of fats (coconut, cocoa), hydrogenated oils (canola, rapseed, palm), Interesterified oils or Waxes (jojoba, candelilla, carnauba, bee). The encapsulation system has its application in the cosmetics, food, nutraceuticals and probiotic sector.

Capsule properties:

  • Solid wax/ lipid beads of 150 – 2500μm
  • Encapsulation of oil- or water-soluble actives and fine powders.

Capsule performance:

  • Adjustable melting profile
  • Adjustable per-bead payload

Capsule applications:

  • Texture and sensory experience can be tailored through melting point
  • Visual enhancements with pigments or dyes
  • Protection of actives such as vitamins
  • Delivery of flavors or fragrances


Matrix structure
Oil-or water-based actives
Adjustable sustained release

Hydrocaps are matrix-type beads which consist of a fully gelled hydrogel. The matrix is composed by a selected biopolymer, such as alginate, providing tailored properties. Hydrocaps are appropriate for the encapsulation of lipophilic and hydrophilic, i.e., water soluble ingredients. The encapsulated phase can be either an aqueous phase or an oil-water emulsion. Hydrocaps can be applied in food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetics and other domains.

Capsule properties:

  • 120 – 3000μm in hydrated state
  • Encapsulation of water-, oil- or powder-based actives
  • Suspendable in aqueous- or oil-based phase

Capsule performance:

  • Adjustable sustained release

Capsule applications:

  • Unique visual and textural enhancement of products
  • Medical delivery vectors
  • Tastemasking of actives
  • Can be used to carry cell growth medium
  • Can protect actives such as vitamins and flavors


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