Microcaps emerged from ETH Zurich’s Complex Material Group. It is built on a disruptive microfluidic technology that offers encapsulation solutions for the cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our vision is to redefine the market standards and generate sustainable value with microencapsulated products by providing the world’s first industrial microfluidic platform.


At Microcaps, our mission is to revolutionize industries with novel encapsulation solutions. We are committed to providing sustainable value to our customers through our microfluidic platform for industrial applications. We strive to redefine market standards by delivering innovative, high-quality microencapsulated products that meet the unique needs of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry. Our dedication to excellence drives us to exceed expectations and provide exceptional service to our customers.


Dr. Alessandro Ofner

Michael Hagander

Christian Burkard

Giulia Biffi

Luca di Tizio

Rico Felber

Morgane Roquelaure

Dr. Michael Diener

Michèle Gisin

Fabian Dubler

Dr. David Schaffner

Vanessa Kronenberg

Boris Syarov

Dimitrios Tselekidis

Oliver von grünigen

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Eszter Ronay

Jelena Obradovic

Eloy pena rodriguez

Board of Directors

Hanne de Mora

Rudy Niquille

Ronald Kogens


Peter schmid

Prof. André Studart

Reinier Labadie