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Microcaps AG Secures CHF 9.3 million in Series A Financing Round to Expand Production Capacity

Zurich, Switzerland – June 05, 2024

Microcaps AG, a leading innovator in advanced microencapsulation technology, today announced the successful completion of its Series A financing round, raising CHF 9.3 million. This significant capital increase marks a pivotal moment for the company as it aims to meet the growing demand for its unique enabled ethanol free fine fragrance – Perfume Pearls.

This Series A round saw participation from new private investors, further broadening the company’s support network, as well as contributions from Microcaps‘ existing shareholder base, including Helvetica Capital AG, Zürcher Kantonalbank, and the ETH Foundation. This strong financial support demonstrates their continued confidence in the company’s vision and strategic direction.

We are thrilled to have secured this funding, which will allow us to expand our production capacity significantly. The rising demand for our Perfume Pearls highlights the market’s recognition of our patented technology and its potential to impact the fine fragrance industry. This investment is a testament to the strong support from our shareholders and their belief in our mission to innovate and lead in the microencapsulation sector.

– Michael Hagander, co-CEO of Microcaps.

Use of Funds

The CHF 9.3 million raised will be used to enhance Microcaps‘ production facilities as well as continued development effort for applications beyond fine fragrance. By increasing manufacturing capabilities, Microcaps aims to ensure timely delivery of its ethanol free Perfume Pearls to meet the surging demand from the fragrance market. This expansion will also support ongoing research and development efforts, beyond cosmetics and fine fragrance applications, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of microencapsulation technology.

About Microcaps

Founded in 2019, Microcaps is a pioneering company specializing in advanced microencapsulation solutions. Its innovative technology encapsulates active ingredients within microscopic capsules, ensuring precise control over release rates and enhancing product performance. Microcaps‘ flagship product, Perfume Pearls, has set a new standard for alcohol-free perfumes, offering unparalleled scent longevity and intensity. The company’s cutting-edge solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food technology.
For more information about Microcaps and its innovative microencapsulation technology, please visit our product page.

Contact for more Information:

Michael Hagander
Microcaps AG
Phone: +41 44 733 45 50
Email: press@microcaps.ch