Kajal Lamar Caviar based on Perfume Pearls
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Customer Story: Kajal Perfumes Paris launches ethanol-free perfume based on Microcaps‘ technology

Kajal Perfumes Paris, Microcaps AG and LUZI AG have collaborated to launch the first ever ethanol-free perfume based on Microcaps‘ Perfume Pearls technology. The outcome of the successful partnership is „Lamar Caviar by Kajal“. The niche-perfume was introduced to the fine fragrance market in late December 2023. With it, Kajal Perfumes Paris introduces a new era of high performance, luxurious ethanol-free fine fragrance products. Thanks to the unique formulation, the fragrance oil is encapsulated within alginate pearls, preserving the scent until it is dispensed. Only upon application the alginate capsules break, releasing a scent mist of perfume. As the first-ever fine fragrance leveraging Microcaps’ Perfume Pearls technology, this scent introduces four features that are going to redefine the future fragrance industry for both brands and consumers:

A luxurious look paired with a unique application

Lamar Caviar by Kajal stands for elegance, sophistication, and the use of exquisite ingredients. The values are reflected in the luxurious appearance of natural, vegan alginate pearls preserving precious fragrance oil. Upon spraying, the natural alginate pearls break, releasing a refreshing mist of the luxurious fragrance directly on the applied surface. This way of perfume application is a novelty in the fragrance market which has not been seen before.


Soothing, non-milky feeling on application

The revolutionary microfluidic formulation of the perfume ensures each application is refreshingly lightweight and non-sticky. This is a distinct advantage in contrast to many emulsion-based, ethanol-free perfumes that are currently available on the market.

A natural, vegan and ethanol-free formulation

Microcaps‘ technology empowers Kajal Perfume Paris, presenting a perfume that stands out as ethanol-free and features a natural, vegan formulation based on alginate pearls. Therefore, Lamar Caviar by Kajal offers a safe application without causing harm or irritation to skin or hair. It effortlessly complements daily beauty routines, providing individuals with a luxurious dream of fragrance wherever they go.

Protected formulation that is not copyable

One of the biggest challenges of today’s perfume brands is the protection of their unique scent creations from unwanted copies. The process of creating an ethanol-free perfume based on Microcaps‘ technology is protected by patents and is connected to specific know-how. This applies for both scent-creation and encapsulation of fragrance-oils. Therefore, it is almost impossible for copycats to create a perfume clone that has the same olfactive, visual and haptic product performance. This gives our customers safety and adds to the exclusivity of perfume products, such as Lamar Caviar by Kajal.

The vision behind Lamar Caviar by Kajal

The perfume has the vision to introduce ethanol-free fine fragrance to a broader audience through its additional values. Innovative product features, including a natural formulation, enhanced scent performance, safe application, and luxurious visuals, provide compelling reasons for health-conscious luxury perfume consumers to embrace this groundbreaking innovation. These elements collectively make it an enticing choice for those seeking a unique and refined fragrance experience. The product is the result of a visionary collaboration among the technology of Microcaps, the mastery of fine fragrance of LUZI and Kajal Perfume Paris‘ keen vision of a luxurious perfume.

About the three companies:

Kajal Perfume Paris: As a luxury perfume brand that upholds the highest standards for its exclusive products. Kajal Perfume Paris is dedicated to revolutionizing the fragrance market with their newest scent. Their visionary commitment to quality, exclusivity, and sustainability aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the new perfume.

Microcaps AG: Renowned for its expertise in microencapsulation and its patented microfluidic perfume-pearls technology. Microcaps has paved the way for innovative fine fragrance products, offering its unique technology as a solution to encapsulate fragrance-oil into alginate-beads and create high performing fine fragrance products that have never been seen before on the market. 

LUZI AG: As a distinguished fragrance house, LUZI AG has contributed its artistry and mastery of scents to craft the exquisite ethanol-free fragrance that defines Lamar Caviar by Kajal.

If you wish to learn more about Lamar Caviar, you can watch a product review video here: