Pharma Applications: Protective & Powerful

Microcaps provides a patented solution to encapsulate ingredients naturally, protect them and enable a scalable solution to sustained release.
Our patented microencapsulation solution brings natural benefits paired with an advanced protection for active ingredients. It provides you with a scalable method to enhance your pharmaceutical products with better sustained release performance.

Natural Formulation

Our alginate-based formula unlocks sustainability-claims for your products. Upgrade your product-formulation to the needs of today’s customers.

your active ingredients

Encapsulate active ingredients to protect them from UV, oxidation and gastrointestinal acids.

Enhance sustained release

our capsules enable an improved sustained release profile for pharmaceutical products due to their monodispersity.

Complex Formulations

Stable Release Profile

Industrial Production

Biochemical Protection

Controlled Release

API Solubilisation


We take a holistic approach by developing formulations and microencapsulation equipment. This enables our customers to benefits form tailor-made solutions and take projects from concept to industrial implementation.